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wildbrush's art.to.day - you entered my world of cd/tape sleeve design -


In 1997/1998 I started to study the basics of good cd sleeve design. And so I decided to set up a project which comprised mainly two elements - the band Pink Floyd and the new millennium - but during work other ideas showed also up ...

In all the following galleries you can see the results of the 'Floyds' music influence and the vision of a coming new millennium.

Be invited to go on a visual journey; the 'Floyds' unfortunately haven't seen it ... until yet.
(if you know them - please tell them ....)

(click all the images in this site to see them enlarged)


image: example of cd cover  image: example of print direct on cd   image: example of cd cover


  image: real design example of a complete cd package

click the image above to see an real example
of a complete cd package design



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