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my short-bio

     • born: 1948 22nd September; Kassel, Germany
     • gender:   male
     • self-taught
     fine art
1973-1980 Mannheim, Germany;
- surrealistic period, mainly influenced by Dali;
- working mostly with oil color on canvas.
     • self-taught
     digital art
1990-1998 Island of Crete, Greece (1992-1998);
- digital art period mainly influenced by Dali's surrealism;
- working 1997/98 on a self-chosen cd cover development
   for an imaginary Pink Floyd cover;
- developing digital art as an expression of my phantasy
translation into my surrealistic world vision.

     • formal
     fine art education:
1998-1999 Uxbridge College; Uxbridge, United Kingdom;
- access course to Art & Design, Media:
painting, illustration, photography, darkroom,
  communication studies;
- working with every material on any possible support;
- main influence from painters of abstract expressionism:
   Louis, Richter, Mathieu, Hodgkin, Pollock, Hofmann;
• meeting with the Dalai Llama in London,
  presenting a painting about the
  political / human rights situation in Tibet.

     • informal
    fine art education:
1998-2000 - studying in my free time:
• painting:
- overcoming the influence of Dali's surrealism on my
   own style to work;
- essay: 'the influences of abstract art and abstract
   expressionism on
the art-form of the 21th century';
• photography/darkroom:
- darkroom experiments with 'cross-mixing' processes
   in fine art prints;
- developing 'solarization' and 'lith-printing'.

     • group exhibition: 1973 Heidelberg, Germany; University of Heidelberg
- annual exhibition of hobby painters:
  works from gouache on cardboard.
    1974 Heidelberg, Germany; University of Heidelberg
- annual exhibition of hobby painters:
  works from gouache on cardboard and oil on canvas.

     • solo exhibition: 1974 Mannheim, Germany; 'Uni-Café am Strohmarkt'
- works from gouache and collages on cardboard.

    1978 Mannheim, Germany; communication centre
'Alte Hauptfeuerwache'
- retrospective of 5 years work:
  collages, gouache, drawings, oil on
     • group exhibition: 1996 Athens, Greece; Gallery 'Chroma'
     • group exhibition: 1999 Uxbridge College; London, United Kingdom
- 1st year project at the college -

     • showcase: 2002

New York City, Broadway 584, USA
'Montserrat Gallery',

29. January - 16. February
     • group exhibition: 2003 Biennale Internationale Dell'Arte Contemporanea
Florence, Italy
06. - 14. December

You are invited to visit me during the exhibition!
     • future plans:

2004 - ... - Kelekian Art Gallery, Beirut, Libanon
   12. January - 22. April, 2004
   2nd Annual Exhibition of Small Format Art
- Hania, Crete, Greece
   15. May - 30. May, 2004
   2nd International Art Festival
   at the Neoria Public Exhibition Center
I need help ...
I'm very keen to have my own single exhibition with my
developed own painting style and produced paintings ...
(the exhibits are with more than 50 pieces in various
dimensions available - from miniatures up to large scale)
- any suggestions/help/advise ???
   if you have any of the above:
please send me an e-mail or talk to me online.
thanx in advance ...


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